League of Legends

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Show off your skills on League of Legends by playing our challenges to earn points and climb to the top of the leaderboard! Ready to become the star of Challenge Game?

Our daily challenges

Item Price Equation

Determine the exact amount of several items. Addition! Subtraction! Are you sure you know the prices in the shop?

What is the name of this item?

Guess the name of the item from its visual. Are you a true League of Legends connoisseur?

Find the name of this champion

Identify the champion from their image. Prove to us that you are a Summoner's Rift expert!

Mystery Champion

Without any hints, can you guess who today's champion is? Luck? Skill? Only the leaderboard will tell.

Daily Item

A random item has been selected, but which one? It's up to you to guess and win as many points as possible.